Design-Build Low Voltage Electrical Distribution Systems

As a part of our BTS efforts, O-Tech responds to work orders for the installation of electerical equipment to support an expansion or upgrade of the base switching system, and the design of facilities or other infrastructure to support the new equipment. For example, in the process of replacing deteriorated copper and fiver optic cable, O-Tech designed and constructed extensive duct banks.


The design-build effort at each BTS starts with O-Tech producing the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to accompany our Base Civil Engineering Work Clearance Requests.


Before work involving excavation or demolition can begin on base, our design must first be approved by base civil engineering. Once approved, we mark the word site and establish a safety perimeter, complete excavations. Having pre-fabricated the ductbank in sections, O-Tech executed just-in-time delivery upon completion of the digging, laid the duct bank, installed the rebar reinforcements, installed the concrete framing, poured the concrete, and restored the trenched landscape to its original condition. WE then pulled the new cale through the duct banks, leaving a portion of the conduit vacant for future cabling expansions.


O-Tech also performs a varietey of other electrical design-built efforts, including main distribution frame (MDF) expansions, the installation of emergency generators and rectifiers, and equipment modifications to the Telecommunications Room, or Direct Central Office.


O-Tech performs additional telecommunications system support services at Joint Base Charleston, SC; Fairchild AFB, Wa; Columbus AFB, MS; and China Lake NAWS, CA as a subcontractor to our Mentor-Protege partner, MCS.

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